Random Work Stuff

- Colleague is back (background available here, here, here and here) Haven’t talked to her yet. I hope she’s well. I also can’t wait to give her work load back. Miiiiiiight be a while on that, though.

P.S. Talked to her a bit and she sounds good! So that’s promising.

- My officemate has a brought in a Halloween candy bowl. A motion activated candy bowl. It has a skeleton cat on it and so much as walking within 3 feet, the screeching cat sound goes off. Guys. Every time I walk in or out of my office, this fucking thing howls like it is dying. And my officemate is gas-lighting me on how annoying it is “it’s not that bad” [it’s bad] and “just don’t walk so close to it” [what? am I supposed to zip-line to be desk that’s only 6 feet away?! trust me that I cannot physically loop far enough way to not set it off]. She has promised to turn it off tomorrow but “wants to see how many people it “gets” today”. *sigh*


P.P.S. I went “Full Petty” and made a point to enter and exit a bunch of times to set off the sensor (had to pee, needed hot water for tea, had a question for someone, poked my head out only to come right back in). This eventually annoyed my colleague into turning it off. I have a major S-eating grin on my face right now. No regrets.

Anyway, how’s your Monday going?

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